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The Sixth AP Fund

The mission of the Sixth AP Fund 

The Sixth Swedish National Pension Fund (the Sixth AP Fund) manages public pension funds in order to create high long-term returns and maintain satisfactory risk diversification by investing in Swedish small and medium-sized growth companies, thus contributing to the development of Swedish industry.

The Sixth AP Fund as an investor

The Sixth AP Fund is an independent owner that invests in a selection of private equity funds and directly owns shares in a number of small and medium-sized unlisted companies.

Investment is divided into business investment and investments in mutual funds and investment trusts. Sixth AP Fund has received its commission in 1996 and received by the end of that year, 10.4 billion as investment funds, which until the end of 2010 grew by 9.5 billion to 19.9 billion..

  • In the framework of its strategy the Sixth AP Fund has a Treasury. The main responsibility for the Treasury is to manage that part of the Sixth AP Fund’s capital that has not yet been invested in the business areas. The Treasury also manage the market risk that arises from the business areas’ listed equities and encompass the Sixth AP Fund’s financing solutions.