28 November, 2018

Fund Investments

Fund Investments invest in funds managed by experienced management teams, who invest in companies in the buyout and venture market segments. Investments are made mainly in primary funds, but also in the secondary market by making commitments to secondary funds, or through the purchase of own secondary shares. The portfolio consists of more than 60 active funds and a total of nearly 450 companies.

The illustration below shows the composition of AP6’s portfolio as of 2017-12-31.





AP6’s investments are quite evenly distributed across the following three segments: Mid Market, Large and Mega. There are a bit more in the Large segment, however.
The first bar to the left in this chart shows the amount of capital that has not yet been paid out to the funds, i.e. remaining committed capital. The middle bar shows the market value of investments made by the funds. The bar to the right is the sum of the first two bars and it shows the total exposure for each segment.